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I wanted to apologize to my readers – I know you haven’t heard from us for some time, but we have been insanely busy with the coming changes in our lives – we feel God moving us on and we are packing up.  God is directing our path – possibly up north –  and when we find out what His will is, we will once again be on a “blog” schedule.  I will be adding some interesting articles and making efforts to increase our audience. 

Gary still pastors in Chloride and we love them, but everything just seems to be God’s direction and we knew two years ago that we would be ending our time in Chloride.  Circumstances (not in the church) seem to be indicating this. 

As some of you know, I have been an insulin dependent for about 6 years now.  I finally decided to dump the insulin with a regimine of healthy eating, vitamin supplements and exercise.  After a month, I had lost 23 pounds and have never felt better.  I have to listen to my body signals on when to eat, even a bite of the wrong food can give me that “foggy” feeling, but I’m learning how to feel good again.  I feel 100% better than I ever did shooting up insulin four times a day!  (This is not in any way a recommendation to try this yourself – just my experience).

In any case, there is so much to thank God for. 

Blessings to Richard Tovia who began his new ministry.  He visits churches and explains Jesus in the passover.  A wonderful brother in Christ.

When I have more time, I will certainly be concentrating on adding more paintings in the gallery and info on cults. 

In the meantime, God bless you.


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Thank you!

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The Christian World View

The Christian World View

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Our Dangerous World – Vaccines

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As a mother of a now 28 year old son with Asperger’s Syndrome, I can attest to the fact that vaccines are the cause of his life-long difficulties. Can I prove it? As far as I’m concerned, there is enough evidence and scores of scientific documents that have done that already. The problem is, it’s the same old story of denial coming from the people who profit from their proliferation. You will never get them to admit the vaccines caused neurological damage because guilt would precipitate lawsuits with reparations in the billions. Now, the H1N1 vaccine comes with impunity. Shouldn’t that tell us something about its safety?

For those of you who may think this is just a conspiracy theory or fear-mongering, there is more than enough evidence out there to convince any person with their critical thinking skills intact that the government doesn’t always act in the best interest of the citizens.

“In 1955 The CIA, in an experiment to test its ability to infect human populations with biological agents, releases a bacteria withdrawn from the Army’s biological warfare arsenal over Tampa Bay, Fl.”

And that is just one example of many. Our troops have typically been scapegoats for such experimentation and have suffered greatly from things like the Gulf War Syndrome. Recently, reports have been coming through alternative news regarding severe side effects experienced by some of our military after they were given the vaccine. It is reported that two of the soldiers have died from complications.

I have also been in contact with Dr. Michael Pece, the Arizona Naturopathic doctor and former radio host, who was one of the first to speak out about chemtrail contamination. He is now concerned about the H1N1 vaccine. In our last correspondence, he stated:

“I am convinced it [H1N1 virus] is man-made in a military lab (4 different viruses in one?)…that has never occurred in nature before. And now they are really pushing the flu vaccine on people through fear. The vaccine is more dangerous than the H1N1. Do not fall for the propaganda. Stay away from the vaccine, it is a killer, the flu is not.”

I agree, Dr. Mike. There is enough truth out there to decide in favor of resistance. DON’T TAKE THE SHOT!

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Confessions of a Conspiracy Realist

“Conspiracy theorists are nut cases, plain wackos!”

Unfortunately, a few nuts have been thrown into the truther granola, but is that any reason not to do your homework? Is that any reason to dismiss any and all information that can lean toward a government conspiracy?

The American people are, for the most part, more interested in football, baseball, Dr. Phil and Oprah, than what is going on in their world. We have become the latte nation of soft executives and emotional misfits. It’s not all our fault though. It was planned. How easy it would be to control a populace dumbed down through fluoridated water, vaccines, entertainment, genetically modified foods, Aspartame, chem-trails and mind control! Yes, most of us are floundering around within a matrix of evil without full knowledge of how the self-proclaimed elite see us. We are slaves. We think as they have programmed us to think. We become enemies of anyone THEY want us to and we have turned our anger toward those who have dared to attempt to expose the wizard behind the curtain. Wake up, American – you are playing their game!

The real truth seekers are those who have spent time looking at history, current events, and don’t automatically accept all that mainstream media or our government tells us. Why? Because all things considered, the government has lied to us before, conducted false flag operations and used human beings and indeed, entire populations as testing grounds for biological weapons. They are about to do so again on an even grander scale.

Those who have derided those who question the government’s fairy tales had better take off the blinders and stop the name-calling. The time has come. The time is now. What those “conspiracy nuts” have been warning about is now out in the open. We are at the brink of the new age, an age where, as Obama has said, there will be “change.” I say, “You took the cash, Obama, and gave it to the bankers with impunity, now you can also KEEP THE CHANGE.”

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